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  Life is like a burning candle,sometimes it encounters wind and rain,and sometimes is accompanied by clear oxygen’s care.For all those who give help in our way,we should be with a grateful heart.
  Today is Thanksgiving Day.How much do you know about Thanksgiving Day?
  NAIS students created a creative video to spread Thanksgiving culture and customs through interactive graphics.
  The interaction between pictures and pictures and the mode of video recording are impressive.Students present their in-depth understanding of western culture in the form of creative videos to convey their voices to the outside world in a more three-dimensional and experiential way.
  Multiple people cooperate with each other and work as a team to make the presentation of the whole video more complete and comprehensive,and integrate everyone's viewpoints and cognition perfectly.The story is layered and fascinating.
  All that Thanksgiving stuff...

  The origin of Thanksgiving
  感恩节(Thanksgiving Day),西方传统节日,是美国人民独创的一个节日,也是美国人合家欢聚的节日。1941年,美国国会正式将每年11月第四个星期四定为“感恩节”。感恩节假期一般会从星期四持续到星期天。
  Thanksgiving Day,the western traditional holiday,is a holiday created by the American people,is also the American family holiday.In 1941,the U.S.congress officially designated the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day.The Thanksgiving holiday usually lasts from Thursday to Sunday.

  In 1620,the famous ship'mayflower'arrived in America with 102 puritans who could not bear religious persecution in England.The Indians brought them the necessities of life and taught them how to hunt and fish and grow corn and pumpkins.So,in order to thank the Indians for their sincere help,the settlers invited them to celebrate the festival on the day of harvest.

  The festival food
  Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most important meals of the year for Americans.Turkey and pumpkin pie are served on the table,along with other delicious dishes.They are also served with savory snacks such as sweet potatoes,maize,pumpkin pie,cranberry jam,homemade breads and a variety of vegetables and fruits.
  In addition to delicious meals,holiday activities are essential.After dinner,people often play some traditional games.One game is the cranberry contest,in which a large bowl of cranberries is placed on the ground and 4-10 competitors sit around,each given a needle and thread.
  Holiday game

  The most popular game is the pumpkin race,in which the runner pushes the pumpkin with a small spoon.The competition scene is often in full swing,loved by the children.

  In addition to these traditional activities,some families also drive to the countryside for outings or trips.
  Black Friday is also a special day of Thanksgiving,when New Yorkers flock to shopping malls and supermarkets.
  On Thanksgiving Day,NAIS also prepared a special Turkey lunch for all teachers and students to create a festive atmosphere.
  Delicious roast Turkey,brown and crisp skin wrapped in tender soft chicken,green rosemary and golden lemon,add color to the whole meal,let a person full of appetite.

  Lovely small pumpkin bag,soft and delicate,a mouthful to go down,full of soft waxy charming pumpkin fragrance,let a person can not stop.These are all derived from the special baking classroom.Every Tuesday,the baking club will let students make interesting and novel snacks together.During the making process,students'patience will be cultivated.

  In addition to the baking community,NAIS has a wide variety of extra-curriculum for students:
  01 Campus activities as the comprehensive training class,students lead,teachers guide,comprehensive training students ability.
  02 Club activities as a personalized development classroom,with as many as 40 different club projects covering academic research,humanities,arts,sports and etc.
  03 The Student Union organization as the development platform of the team,and let the students manage by themselves,play the role of mutual assistance and supervision in the students'study and life,and realize common growth and progress.

  Here,NAIS not only has the quality learning environment,but also the kind and responsible teachers,more importantly,you will find your true passion,unleash the imagination,have the courage to pursue your own dream!

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